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to open this file (Word) - 4 per page (COLOR)

CLICK HERE to open this file (Word) - 4 per page (B/W)

CLICK HERE to open this file (Word) - 6 per page (COLOR)

CLICK HERE for Sacrament Meeting Program Cover  (B/W)

CLICK HERE for Sacrament Meeting Program Cover (Color) 

She writes, "I just made this for our Stake Primary so all the wards can edit their information and invite non-members and family to see our respective programs. It's a Word document and is editable to fill in your own information."



Comments (26)
  • Melanie  - Great job, Jes!

    This is fabulous, Jes! We want to see more of your stuff! :)

  • Amelia Breeden  - THANK YOU!!!

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this work and then sharing it so freely with us! These are beautiful invitations and the Primary Program is such a wonderful way to share the gospel! Thank you! You are blessing our ward in Texas by sharing your work with us!

  • Jane Ziegler  - Absolutely Beautiful!

    You are very talented and these are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your sharing with everyone and making them editable. :)

  • Cami  - Thank you!

    I Love you talented people who share your amazingness with us!!

  • natalie  - Wonderful

    Thank you for sharing these. We are trying to grow our ward through missionary experiences and this is a great way to get friends and relatives there.

    I love this group. You all are so creative.


  • Shannon  - Perfect!

    This is such an amazing tool and blessing for those of us without design skills or the time to create something this nice.
    This perfectly compliments and expresses my thoughts and ideas about our program and wanting our Primary children to be a part of our Ward's Mission Plan. Now they can invite their friends, neighbors and family member to come and share a special day at church with them.
    Thank you!

  • Lara Caughman  - Thank you

    Thank you from Chattanooga Tennessee!

  • Lisa  - Thanks!

    These are beautiful!! They are perfect for what I want our primary children to give to their family, friends, neighbors, and teachers.

  • Augie  - Invites

    Thank you so much for the invites! I am so very excited to use them - thank you so much for sharing! One quick question: is there a way to tweak them for black/white printouts? :)

  • Jessica Wittig  - Black and White

    Hi. This is the first thing I've ever submitted and normally I do do a bw version with all my designs. Is it too late or can you still use one?

  • Alison  - Beautiful!

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful template. We're printing it this week and look forward to sharing with the Ward and our community!

  • Emie

    Used them...thank you. Do you have a sacrament meeting program cover planned?

  • Rb

    Are there sacrament meeting program covers as well? These are great!

  • Jessica Wittig

    I was going to make a black and white cover for our program. Our programs are on 11x14 folded into 3rds. Should I do color? BW? 8.5 x 11 folded in half too (This is what I started with until I realized ours were different.)?

  • Tracy Brookes  - 2013 Primary Program Invites

    I thought I saw this in Spanish also......does anyone know where I can find it?

  • Amy

    This is beautiful! I've been looking for program covers too and you just made my job a whole lot easier! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Hi! These are wonderful thanks so much for sharing! I was wondering if you could email me an editable format so that I could translate to spanish I will email it translated to you for sharing!

  • Cherry  - Beautiful!

    This is really beautiful! Thank you so much for creating it. The only problem that I'm having is that the bottom line of the invite (4 per page)is cut off when I print it and I am not able to delete a space between the upper 2 invites and the lower 2 invites to raise it up a little. Any suggestions? Thank you again--you are very talented and it is very generous of you to share!

  • Janice Clark  - Primary Program invites.

    I saw these invites and would really like to use them but when I go to print them it says the margins are set out side the printable area. I've tried playing with changing the margins but it doesn't seem to work. also when I print it the date and time move down on tope of the scripture. Has anyone else had problems. I have a mac is that the issue? I don't know what to do and was hoping you might have a solution.

  • Melissa Reynosa  - Spanish

    I LOVE these they are amazing!! I was wondering if there was any way you could send me these to edit into spanish?

  • amber  - Awesome

    Thank you thank you thank you for sharing.. you just saved me a whole nights worth of photo shop.

  • emma l. lucero

    thank you very much for this wonderful and beautiful ideas it helps me a lot :P

  • Tammy

    Where did you get the PIC if Christ? I need to know copyright...;).

  • Rosalie  - Spanish or an editable version

    Can you email me a file that can be edited? We need to translate this into Spanish as well. Thank you!

  • Dianne  - PDF

    Would it be possible to save the bulletin cover in a pdf file? That way everybody can open it. I use macs and the image is so light it is unuseable thanks!!

  • Krista

    I would like to use this for a baptism invitation. Would you be able to clear all the wording or make it editable so I could include her baptism information. Thank you.

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