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 2 Joseph Smith Quarterly Activity Ideas
 A Journey to the Valley - lots of pioneer activities that could be made into quarterly activity
 A Shield of Faith by Granny J.
 A trip on the Primary FRIENDship by Emma Knight
 A walk through Jesus' life by Carolyn Oakason
 Always remember Jesus Christ by Brenda Bergman
 Angel Air Academy
 Article of Faith Activity
 Articles of Faith Quarterly Activity Idea by Cyndi Murdock 
Article of Faith Scavenger Hunt
 BEARS Quarterly Activity (Be Enthusiastic About Reading Scriptures)
 Be Prepared, Not Scared by Barb Bennett
 B.O.O.T. Camp (Building Our Own Testimonies)
 Book of Mormon Fiesta (Intended as a ward activity but could be adapted for a Quarterly Activity)
 Book of Mormon Olympics
 Breakfast with the Bishop by Tammy Clayton
 Bubble Party
 Bug Parade
 Building my eternal family by Janette Baron
 Building our family by Kris Allen
 CTR Activities
 CTR Quarterly Activity from Debanae's
 Camp out Quarterly Activity bu Sarah Hyatt
 Children of our Father in Heaven by Carol Huff
 Come fly with me by Shona Bray
 Conference-Ready Celebration by Heidi Baxter
 Easter Quarterly Activity by Teralyn Smith
 Every BODY a Missionary
 “Every ‘BODY’ Is A Child of God” Activity by Carey Miller
 Family Amazing Race Quarterly Activity by Samantha A.
 Family Home Evening Kits
 Father's Day Quarterly Activity Idea by Daisie Dance
 FHE Quarterly Activity (SPANISH) by Veronica Cortez
 Finding Jesus (Christmas Quarterly Activity) from Debanae's
 Follow His Footsteps by Ronda Dennis
 Follow In His Footsteps
 Follow God's Plan from Debanae's
 General Conference Quarterly Activity by Tanya Giaimo
 Getting to know the Apostles by Tamra
 Give your heart some love by Patti Vance
 Halloween Carnival from the Scriptures
 Holding Hands Around the World Activity
 Holding Hands Around the World - Stake Primary Activity
 House of Order, House of Faith and a House of Learning by Heather Overly
 How to make "Sunday" a real treat!
 How to make your Father's Day by Mindy Oja

 I am a child of God Quarterly Activity by Anabelle Chacon
 I can follow God's plan by.....
 I hope they call me on a mission - A Primary Day Camp
 I hope they call me on a mission by the Portland, Michigan Branch
 I walked today where Jesus walked
 I want to be a missionary now - This could be adapted for a Quarterly Activity
 Jesus' Family Tree by Kristina Miller
 Journey through the scriptures
 Lehi's Journey
 Miscellaneous Activity Ideas from Debanae's
 Missionary Quarterly Activity by Kristi Sandberg
 Missionary Service by Melissa Dillon
 Mothers Are Special - Especially Mine by Carrie Blakely
 Mothers Day Quarterly Activity by Tiffaney Keetch
 Mothers Day Service Activity by Carey Miller
 My Eternal Family by Laura Nicholls
 Nephi's Challenge
 Noah's Ark
 Old Testament Olympics
 Picnic in Nauvoo
 Picnic with the Prophets
 PJ's Bishopric Breakfast by Carey Miller
 Primary Humanitarian Project
 Primary Mini-Trek by Camilla Millar
 Primary Talent Show by Amy Clawson
 Prophet and Proclamation Activity by Amanda Davis
 Proud to be an American by Shari

 Ready, Set, Action!
 Sandals like Jesus
 Scripture Olympics
 Scripture Treasure Hunt
 Secret Grandparent
 Service Quarterly Activity by Betty-Jo Lascurain
 Service Quarterly Activity Idea
 Splish, Splash, It's a Bible Bash!
 Summertime Scripture Olympics
 Superhero Service Activity by Lisa Campbell
 Take a trip to Honesty-ville
 Temple Activity Day
 Temple Mystery Tour by Cathy from England
 Temples Around the World by Carrie Kirk
 Thank you for 'bee'lieving in me by Cara Webber
 The Creation by Misty Cox
 The Journey of 1000 miles by
Mary Lou Anderson
 The Seven Days of Creation Activity
 Tour of the Holy Land by Julie Perez
 Two by Two by Korine Miller - A missionary activity
 Valentine's Quarterly Activity by Ruth
 Visiting the Elderly by Monica Sattley
 Word of Wisdom Fair
X-ample Games by Trish Freeman - Summer Water Activity

Comments (8)
  • SarahT

    Holiday Service Activity:
    For part of a quarterly activity we have coming up, we contacted a local nursing/rest home and acquired the white paper placemats they put on the bottom of their meal trays. We are going to have the children decorate the paper placemats for Thanksgiving for the residents of the nursing home. We will have the children draw a turkey out of their hand and then around the turkey write things they are thankful for. Then the residence will enjoy their meal on a festive placemat. Thought I would share, it can be done in almost any community and for any holiday. And the facility provided us with the placemats so it is a cheap activity that can be done as part of a sharing time or a quarterly activity.

  • Peggy Stevenson

    We are having an activity tomorrow that we are SO excited about! It's Word of Wisdom themed and we're going to start by talking about exercise and we're going to play a bunch of fun games (three legged race, crab races, long jump, hula hooping, limbo contest, etc) then we're going to come in the gym where we'll have plates set out for each child with samples of food from each food group that they've maybe not tried before (goat cheese on whole wheat crackers, hickama, starfruit,edemame, quinoa...) we'll ask them to take at least ONE bite of each thing and we'll talk about the food pyramid and nutrition then we'll talk about the importance of rest and the things we don't take into our bodies. At the end we'll give them ribbons we made that say "Word of Wisdom Winner!" We're so excited to give the kids an opportunity to learn about proper nutrition and to try some different foods!!

  • alice

    Does anyone know if we are still doing the quarterly activities? The new handbook does not mention it. It only says Activity Days but that's only for the 8-11 year olds. Please share :o

  • April
    Does anyone know if we are still doing the quarterly activities? The new handbook does not mention it. It only says Activity Days but that's only for the 8-11 year olds. Please share :o

    We are no longer supposed to hold quarterly activities. On the website under primary FAQ it says to longer have them and to disregard the requirement on page 18 of the Faith In God guidebook.,17884,7701-1,00.html

  • Heather Buell

    We just had a Junior Primary Activity on the Creation.

    The explanation is too long to post here. But basically we had activities that went along with each day of the creation. If you are interested in the activity you can download the explanation and a supporting craft here:

  • vicki

    We are having an activity in May. PJ'S the children will wear their pjs. bring a pillow. Prayer rock (P) Journal (J) scriptures (S). they will paint a (P)prayer rock as soon as they get there, so it will be dry by the time they leave. We are giving them their own (J)journal and we're going to tell stories about how important they are.Then the children will read from the Book of MOrmon reader.(S) while sitting one their pillows. Divide the book into sections so they read the whole book of mormon that day. Our menu in (P) Pancakes (J) Juice (S) scrambled eggs. we don't fill pressered to do a quarterly activity. I like that but we can plan a few during the year. I want to have a get together with the teachers. Bar b qy=ue thi summer.

  • vicki

    does anyone have a good easy idea for Mothers Day? A gift for moms?

  • JEN

    While Quartily Activities are no longer part of Primary, thank you for continuing to provide the ideas from the past. Many of the ideas can be adapted to Sharingtimes or Singingtimes.

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