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 Primary Pumpkin by Amanda Fennema

 Trick-Treat-Share Music Idea

I have put together a poster, at the top it says, The Best Treats just below it, it says, better than....  Then I have empty candy wrappers scattered on the poster. When the children choose a wrapper there will be a song associated with some kind of "treat" that is better than candy. For instance...when they choose licorice, the song is "I Love to See the Holy Temple".  Then I have the opportunity to tell them what a blessing it is to have the blessings of the temple, it's a treat, even better than candy.  My thought process is that we will emphasize the even better than candy phrase. Hopefully as they sort through the treats they get with trick or treating, that phrase will come to mind and they will be reminded of the temple, forever families, scriptures, the priesthood, the plan of salvation etc. Just a thought, a fun way to be reminded of the important things and not distract from the spiritual as Halloween tends to do. (Idea by Jill / ga10232006)

 Trick, Treat, Share - (Part 1) (Part 2)

 Skeleton Singing Time by Amanda Fennema

Pumpkin bowling is fun. Set up some empty 2 liter or 1 liter bottles with a little sand or water in the bottom for stability. Write the song names on the bottom of the bottles. Or tape a cut out of a pumpkin to the side of the bottle and write the name on the cut out. A small round pumpkin takes the place of the bowling ball. (Obviously you want to stress the importance of rolling "softly") If the child knocks down one pin that is the song you sing. If they knock down a few they can choose between the songs. But if the child bowls a strike they get to choose their favorite song, instead of one from the bowling pin. Once a song is chosen I remove that pin and only set up the pins with songs we have not sang yet. (Idea by Cindee Alexander) 

I have a cute Halloween idea that I have done for the last couple of years and the children love it. I have a bag with a friendly happy witch on it and In big letters is says - "Witch choice do I make if I choose the right" There is a strip in the bag with a scenario on it and then a child is called up and they pick the question and have to make a choice. Then there is a song that correlates to that situation.  I also have done a ghost and done a "Holy Ghost" theme. I don't get too into the Halloween stuff, I use all happy friendly stuff and then use a gospel twist. The children love it and we have had a great time. (Idea by Debbie Malone)

Pumpkin Racer is a good one too. And you can re-use what you prepared for pumpkin bowling, plus you will need a Remote Control Car. I used a small pumpkin and painted a face on it, then put it in the car as the driver. Prepare the bottles as described above. Line up the bottles in a straight line six inches apart (more depending on the size of your RC car). The children try to drive the car straight though the course without knocking over a pin. When a pin is knocked down, we find the song to sing on the bottle. If they are successful in driving through the course without an accident, they can choose their favorite song to sing. (Idea by Cindee Alexander)
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