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Idea shared by Tamra / ga05042008

There were several stations that they took turns going to.  At each station they were rewarded with a trading card or cards (similar to these).  The Prophet and each of the others were copied on different colors of card stock and then laminated. They were printed to look like trading cards, with their photo on front and information on back.  It didn't matter if they ended up getting the same card more than once because the fun was trading with others at the end for a complete set.

Station one: A relay of two teams. They dressed up like the Prophet with shirt, suit, tie, and big shoes.  It was cute to see the little Sunbeams in the oversized clothing trying to hurry.

Station Two: A male teacher showed  them how to tie a tie.  Each one had their own tie and did start to finish.
They will be ready for their mission or helping their little boys someday.

Station Three: Fishing Pond
Station Four: Ring toss with cards on the bottles and then they kept the ones they were able to ring.

Station Five:  We were going to play "Name that tune" with the Junior Primary and "Don't forget the lyrics" with the Senior Primary.  It turned out we just played name that tune and then sang the song.  It would of been a great place to teach the Apostle Song

Station Six: They had several little objects hidden in straw that was in a plastic swimming pool. (This part was outside).  They had a carving of a bird, a toy car, a small piano, etc. just some little thing that represented each one of the Presidency and Apostles.  Now that it is getting warmer, you could use sand.

It was a fun time and they seemed to enjoy getting to know each of the First Presidency and the Apostles.

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