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 Object lessons that motivate (March 1999 Liahona)

Quotes of Interest:

 "Object lessons and many other techniques can create interest and motivation to learn.  Applying lesson concepts to real life is perhaps the most crucial part of any lesson. It may also take the most thought and planning. But unless students make connections between gospel truths and their own lives, the lesson may remain merely an intellectual exercise." (by Jan Pinborough, “Building a Lesson from Teachings of Presidents of the Church,” Ensign, Jun 2004, 62–66)

  "Teachers can use the scriptures, personal experiences, thought-provoking questions, object lessons, short stories, testimony, and other appropriate teaching methods. Whatever a teacher uses should relate to the lesson and help invite the Spirit (by Jonn D. Claybaugh and Amber Barlow Dahl, “Increasing Participation in Lessons,” Ensign, Mar. 2001, 32–36).

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