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1. Primary 5 Lesson Cards (Handout Idea)

2. The Golden Plates

3. To introduce the lesson, invite the class (as a whole) to help you list things you would need to do to prepare for:

a. A new school year (shop for supplies/clothes, attend orientation, receive a priesthood blessing, etc.)
b. A big test (study, attend all your classes, turn in your homework, etc.)
c. A birthday party (send invitations, prepare games/decorations/food, etc.)

Stress the fact that preparation is necessary for a desirable outcome.  Joseph Smith prepared for years to receive the plates until the Lord felt he was ready.

4. Help the children make a card as shown.  Tell the class that the angel Moroni told Joseph that the gold plates were hidden in a hill near Joseph's home.  They were buried in the ground under a big rock.  Lift the flap.  Tell the class that Joseph found the plates in a stone box under a rock.

5. Handout Idea from Emma's Place

6. My Chocolate Golden Plates by Tammy Schick

7. Valiant Newsletter by Debra Nelson

8. Joseph Smith Prepares to receive the Gold Plates by David Hill - Power Point to go with Primary 5 - Lesson 4

9. Latter-Day Chatter

10. I can "pre-pear" myself to serve by Missy White (handout idea)

11. Be Prepared by Michelle Heemeyer-Caldwell - Handout Idea

12. Happy Clean Living

Comments (2)
  • Mary Ann Overson  - Class participation better with power points!

    David Hill - thank you very much for creating and making available the power point presentations each week! I've been using them in my class for two years. After struggling to keep class attention, prepare meaningful, memorable lessons each week - and failing - another primary teacher told me about sugardoodle. The first Sunday I used the power points, I knew this was an answer to my prayers! (I have tried to make my own presentations, and I know first hand how time consuming they are!) So, I know that others have thanked you, but I want you to know that your hard work is greatly appreciated! I don't know what I'd do if you stopped making them. I think the presentations work so well because the kids pay more attention to a screen, and because of the fact that there are all the basic ways of learning wrapped up in one in the presentations. I have my class take turns reading each "bulleted" sentence on the screen, and this keeps them focused. I am amazed each week at...

  • David Hill

    I tried the letting them take turns, last week. It does help to keep them focused. At the end of the class, we had some time, so I played the video of what they read. Thanks for the idea.

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