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Anonymous contributor / ga08112008

 This is one of the ideas we are doing for our Super Saturday.  We purchased the bottles & pumps from Industrial Container (part #'s B3221 & DP111E) for .79/each.

The next step is you format your word processing program to print a text box that is just a bit smaller than the front dimensions of the bottle (sorry, I did not do this step so I don't know the exact dimensions. 
This is the important part: You MUST print them out on a laser printer or take them to a copy center!! Print them on transparency sheets.
To assemble them you roll the transparency sheet up and drop it in the bottle. Then you fill the bottle with clear hand soap from a refill bottle purchased at Sam's club (or another warehouse store so you get the biggest bottle you can!) The transparency will lay flat against the front of the bottle.
Our transparency sheets looked like this: (you could do them with out a family name on them to give out as "surprise" gifts)
We charged $2.00 each to cover price of bottles, soap, transparency, copy center charges, sales tax, and shipping on bottles! We had one Sister make hers with hand sanitizer for her teacher appreciation gifts!!

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