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 Crafting is contagious!
 Family First Booklet
 Frolicking Night Owl
 Fun Family Activity Recipe Cards
 Green Jello with Carrots
 Latter-Day Chatter
 Our Daily Obsessions
 Paper Cakes and Icing
 Steadfast and Immovable
 Tales of a Trophy Wife
 The Red Headed Hostess
 You could use this idea and using wire, spell the word "Family" and attach tie it with raffia to a bag that has ideas on fun family activities. 

 Family Activities by Brandy Doty
 Lesson Helps from Debanae
 Lesson Helps from LDS Living
 Lesson Helps from Mormon Share
 Lesson Helps from Young Women Connection 
 “Making Monday Memories,”  New Era, Apr. 2004, 20
 This lesson was taught yesterday in our ward and the leader had us watch the video "Family First". After that, she had us all write down something that we do with our families that we enjoy doing. We then took turns reading them and discussed them. After that, she had us make "Family Night Bags".  The leader got inexpensive gift bags and had us write down on slips of paper ideas for family activities. The whole idea of this is that when the girls are in charge of FHE at their house, they can go to the bag and pull out a fun activity to do with their family. I don't know if I'm explaining it that well but the girls enjoyed it and really seemed willing to participate a lot more than normal. It was a great lesson that even made me more excited about planning FHE. (Idea by Patti Read)
 We discussed the 4 ways family activities can be made more enjoyable (with the girls comments this took 20 minutes :) ) and then we talked about how sometimes family activities can become traditions, 2 girls each shared a family activity that became a tradition.  Then 2 girls shared how they feel when being with their family during activities.  We then talked about the "Family Fun Sack", each girl was given one along with paper and pen. They took some time to write some activity ideas on slips of paper and they also took home blank slips for their family members to add their ideas.  The girls also took some time to plan out a family activity for this week. I closed with the quote from The First Presidency and gave it as a  handout. (Idea by April)

PERSONAL PROGRESS HELPS:  These Personal Progress Goals pertain to the lesson.  You could encourage the girls to work on one of these goals in the coming week.

 Divine Nature 3, Divine Nature 7, Knowledge 2, Knowledge 6, Knowledge 7, Good Works 2, Good Works 4.


 Lesson 10 Handout from Jack and Jill of *many* trades

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