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Lesson 25

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2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. Handout by Melissa Dillon

4. Game - Have the children stand in a circle.  Tell them you are thinking of two secret words.  You will toss the ball to a child standing in the circle.  They come to you and whisper what they think the two secret words are.  If they guess correctly, (the words are, "Thank-you") they return to their place in the circle and they become the one who tosses the ball.)  If they guess incorrectly, they return to their place in the circle and you remain the one tossing the ball.  Once a child has repeated the secret words to you they no longer have to.  Encourage the ones tossing the ball to throw it to children who have not had a turn.  Make sure all children know the secret words before ending the game.  

5. Have the class make thank you cards for the bishop, Primary Presidency, class members, etc.

6. Sing with your class, "Children all over the world"

7. Candy bar wrapper that says, "Thank You" from - Give each child a candy bar and tell them that they can't keep if for themselves.  They have to give the candy bar away to someone they appreciate.  It could be the bishop, mom or dad, grandparent, etc.  However, they have to tell them thank you!

8. My class enjoyed making "thank you" necklaces.  Using elastic string and small beads, we made necklaces, interspersing small pieces of paper saying "thank you" in a variety of colors and fonts, with a hole punched in them.  When they said thank you to some one, they tore off a thank you and gave it to that person. (Submitted by Nancy Robrecht, aka Grandmateacher / ga07112010) 

9. Thank You Memory Game by Shelley Nash and Melissa Fisher

10. Thank You Bingo by Robin Lyman

11. Happy Clean Living

12. My Uni-Verse

13. Tammy Brown writes, "I came across this website and will use this activity for my 3-4 yr olds. It will go well with the Primary manual 2 lessons 24 (gratitude) AND 25 (saying thank you) since they both mention this story." (ga07212012)

14. Laughing and Losing It

15. Remember to Say Thank You by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

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