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UPDATE ON SITE REDESIGN (07/12/2014): As you may know, we are redesigning our site.  I never realized how big this project would become but we are putting the finishing touches on (so-to-speak).  It will probably be closer to the end of July before you see the new site go live and we can't wait to show it to you.   Thank you for your support and kind words, we really appreciate it!   If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   THANKS!!!  

(Sharing Time Ideas for 2014 Primary ThemeJan * Feb * Mar * Apr * May * Jun * Jul * Aug * Sep * Oct * Nov * Dec

alt NEW! - We are now creating weekly sharing time kits. If you enjoyed the kit we provided last month, you will love the new kits available for the first two weeks of August. One of our main objectives is to create printables that directly correspond with the material, including everything you need in one place. Having the lesson ideas with all the visuals saves you time and energy so you don't have to find or create your own. To accomplish this we have utilized talented artists with a variety of styles. Great care has gone into organizing content that will help edify and enrich your teaching preparation and your the children's learning experience. Secondly, we try to keep each weeks content as closely to the theme as listed in the Sharing Time Outline. Check the files out here.  (NEW! 7-30-14)
alt 2014 Primary Program Script Submissions - Share your outline here.  (NEW! 7-19-14)
alt July 2014 Sharing Time Ideas by Jill (NEW! 7-02-14)
alt Primary Sharing Time Kit for July 2014 (NEW! 6-24-14)
alt Father's Day Printable/Handout by K. Arritt (NEW! 6-14-14)
alt I am your.... by Debra Bartz - Father's Day Sharing Time Idea  (NEW! 6-14-14)

alt alt alt

alt I can Help others be Happy by Sharing by David Hill - Power Point for Primary 2 - Lesson 27 (NEW! 07-26-14)
alt Samuel by Ericka Covalt / David Hill - Power Point for Primary 6 - Lesson 27 (NEW! 07-25-14)
alt Ruth and Naomi - Family Fued Style by Kayla Jacobs - Primary 6, Lesson 26 (NEW! 07-19-14)
Power Point Schedule by David Hill - I try to get them posted by 9pm (CST)on the date listed  (NEW! 07-19-14)
alt Choosing the Right Gives me a happy feeling by David Hill - Power Point for Primary 2 - Lesson 26 (NEW! 07-19-14)
alt Ruth and Naomi by Ericka Covalt / David Hill - Power Point for Primary 6 - Lesson 26 (NEW! 07-19-14)
alt Remember to say Thank You by David Hill - Power Point for Primary 2 - Lesson 25 (NEW! 07-12-14)
alt Samson reposted by David Hill - Power Point for Primary 6 - Lesson 25 (NEW! 07-10-14)
alt I Can Show Gratitude by David Hill - Power Point for Primary 2 - Lesson 24 (NEW! 07-05-14)
alt Gideon by Ericka Covalt / David Hill - Power Point for Primary 6 - Lesson 24 (NEW! 07-02-14)
alt Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd by David Hill - Power Point for Primary 2 - Lesson 23 (NEW! 06-28-14)
alt Joshua Leads Israel by Ericka Covalt / David Hill - Power Point for Primary 6 - Lesson 23 (NEW! 06-22-14)
alt Blessed are the Peacemakers by David Hill - Power Point for Primary 2 - Lesson 22 (NEW! 06-18-14)
alt Israel and the Brass Serpent by Ericka Covalt - Power Point for Primary 6 - Lesson 22 (NEW! 06-13-14)

Click on the first letter of the song you are looking for.

alt I'll Seek the Lord Early by Kalani Mortensen (NEW! 7-30-14)
alt Baptism Song Flipchart by Kalani Mortensen (NEW! 7-19-14)
alt Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked by Janet Harward - Song Flipchart (NEW! 7-19-14)
alt Pioneer Day Singing Time Ideas (NEW! 7-19-14)
alt Family History is the story of me by Nathan Howe - a song he wrote for their Primary program (NEW! 7-19-14)
alt Pioneers Courageous by Traci England-Nelson - Song Flipchart for song in July 1997 Friend (NEW! 7-12-14)

Ages 12-18: Come Follow Me
Gospel Doctrine: Old Testament
CLICK HERE for a Facebook group specifically for those using "Come, Follow Me"

alt The Gift of the Holy Ghost by Bonnie Ford - Lesson outline for Lesson 14 (NEW! 7-19-14)
alt Sacrament Handout by Laura Davey - Goes with July lesson (NEW! 7-19-14)
alt How can I use Stories to teach others about the Priesthood by David Hill (NEW! 7-02-14)

* Download the Gospel Library app to access Come, Follow Me from your mobile device.
* CLICK HERE for a Facebook group specifically for those using "Come, Follow Me".

alt Young Women Handkerchief Poem by Corie Scarbrough (NEW! 7-19-14)
alt Women @ The Well by Ryan Guy - Skit for Young Women (NEW! 5-28-14)
alt Personal Revelation Handout by Katie Pritchard - May Handout Idea (NEW! 5-06-14)
alt Generic Printable Calendars by Colette (NEW! 4-30-14)

* Check out the Visiting Teaching Handout Ideas for this
* Lesson helps for Joseph Fielding Smith manual here.

alt Relief Society Secretary Responsibilities by Sharon Pomeroy (NEW! 5-28-14)
alt Lesson 12 Helps now posted - for Joseph Fielding Smith Manual  (NEW! 5-28-14)
alt Generic Printable Calendars by Colette (NEW! 4-30-14)
alt Joseph and Hyrum Smith Lesson Outline by Jessie Thurston - Joseph Fielding Smith Manual Lesson #7  (NEW! 4-16-14)
alt Event Idea and invitation download for the General Women's Meeting this month (off-site) (NEW! 3-05-14)


alt Internet and Media Safety Lessons by Yogi Schulz - Additional file submission (NEW! 7-19-14)
alt Sacrament Meeting Drawing Pages by Shelley Nash (NEW! 5-28-14)
alt A Book of Mormon Story.... by Kathy Ford - Poem (NEW! 5-06-14)
alt Salt Lake Temple 3-D Craft  (NEW! 5-05-14)

Comments (47)
  • Nancy Jo Larsen

    Thanks for your time and energy in creating wonderful thing for me to do with my 13 granchild this is the greastest site. Thank you again.

  • Susan Ovard

    Do you know where I can find the recorded music for Christmas Day from the Friend

  • Melanie Day

    It is in the December (1987) Friend Magazine. Here is a direct link: (copy and paste url in browser). ~ Melanie

  • Jodie Campbell

    HELP! I'm on the schedule to do sharing time the Sunday before Christmas w/my 10 Sunbeams. Any ideas other than the 'normal' that we could do for the entire Primary? Thanks!

  • Susan Ovard

    Melanie, Thanks for your help.

  • Barb Bennett

    BTW, the pack meeting agenda that was posted on Nov. 11 was written by my very funny husband :lol:

  • Shazelle Terry  - RS links don't appear to be working

    The RS link on the home page doesn't appear to be working like all the others. Was hoping to get to Christmas lesson helps but can't get there.
    I didn't know how else to contact the web master.

  • luvmy3boyz

    Can anyone tell me why lately when I go into the primary lesson helps and into my 4/5 age group, when I click on the lesson helps, most of them say "access denied".......I am baffled????? I have my account and am logged in and can't figure out why all of the sudden it won't let me access hardly anything:( Thanks for your help.

  • Tami Slayton  - Seminary

    I would like to share some fun scripture mastery games with you. How do I do that?


  • deborah

    I really appreciate the help your site gives me when it is my month to teach!!!! Keep up the good work and again thanks for sharing :lol:

  • Jan McBride

    Thank you so much for all the helps for all the lessons in Book #5. Your ideas have helped so much get me organized in how to present the lessons. Jan McBride 2013

  • Autumn  - Yw lesson 3 manual helps

    I know we have a new curriculum for young women's, but it is still nice to look at the handout ideas and such under the old yw manuals. You can look at manual 1 and 2 ideas , but not 3. Why can we not look at 3? Can you fix it?

  • Anonymous  - Please let me enter

    I haven't used this site before that I remember. I have tried to register and I get a msg that things don't match. Another one of many tries to even register and part of the info matches and the other does not.

    I have made several attempts. Please tell me what I need to do.

    Thanks, Janet Dawson

  • Rayna Gausnell  - Ward Missionary Ideas?

    I am a ward missionary. Is there a section here for ideas and stuff for ward missionaries?

  • Anonymous  - Come Follow Me-September Lesson #1

    I frequent this site to help with my lessons and I love all the information and resources. So helpful! I did want to point out one link that is under the first sunday school lesson in September, Why Did Heavenly Father Give Us Commandments? by Latter Day Saint Woman. I clicked this link and it appears to be a former member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who has her own spin on the gospel principles. While I was able to read her opinions and then click right out of it and go back to the more accurate links on here, I just wanted to let you know that it's on there and not really helpful to the principles we as latter day saints believe or teach. I love this site and use it each week. Thanks!!

  • SugarDoodle  - Thanks!

    Thanks anonymous. I immediately removed the link when I read your post. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. Have a great day!!!

  • Kim  - I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

    :confused: I have been completely remiss, I have used your creativity so many times over these past few years. I am the Primary President, and have been for a few years. I was working nights and a single Mother of 11 when I first began. I have only three left at home now, and my body no longer can handle the labor-intensive care that I was required to do. I do not know how I would have ever functioned without YOUR amazing contributions, thoughtful posts and ready-made ideas! I know I could not have done any of what I was called to do without YOU! I gave a bit TMI, but I just wanted to express the HUGE debt and DEEPEST Gratitude I have for you! Because Of you, my Primary has functioned, when many Sundays, I was NOT! The Children never suffered thanks to YOU and Melanie! I have gleaned from your labor for so many years, and MY HEART is so full of gratitude, I so wish there was something I could do to show you how much you have meant to m...

  • SugarDoodle  - Thanks!


    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate you taking the time to leave such a kind note. Best wishes to you!!!


  • angie smith  - index

    There used to be an alphabetical index at the top of the page. Is there any place to access this now?

  • Donna Yeates  - Search...

    I love this website. I use it all the time. I was wondering what happened to the alphabet bar across the top where I could click on a letter and it brings up all those topics? I'm missing that feature! And I don't see a search button to find what I'm looking for.

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Eve Erwin  - why are you blocking me?

    I tried to post something to the Primary wall and it said it marked my items as spam. Then I tried to contact you Melanie and it said my item was spam. I am logged into this site as a member so why is it blocking me? :s

  • Melissa West  - Submissions

    I am new to this site, and would like to submit something I made based on an item I found on the site. I tried to upload it, but it wouldn't accept my Word document. I tried to locate something that would tell me what kind of files are allowed, or some tips on how to submit things, but was not successful. Also, when I clicked on the "Submit" link at the top of the page, I kept receiving an error. I am sure it is my problem, but would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you so much.

  • Julie Pack  - 2014 Talks

    Are you going to do talks for 2014? We LOVE having that binder in our ward and would love to see it continued! Thank you!

  • Kari  - Church Guidance / Finch Family Fun etc???

    Has anyone heard that we aren't supposed to use The Finch Family Fun Games and books like this for Sharing Time??? I have looked to find that info but can't find it anywhere/??
    help please

  • Cindy Wilkinson  - Submit Content

    The submit content link appears to not be working. I know things are crazy right now with the holidays so I'll wait patiently & keep checking back - just thought I'd let you know.

  • Trisha  - Primary Free Printable

    If you head to this blog you can get a free printable of a Primary 2014 CD cover! 2014-theme-cd-cover-free-printable/

  • Kathy Wheeler  - Onward...ever onward

    I don't even know where to begin. This is going to be long, so bear with me. I am a senior missionary serving with my husband in Port Alfred, South Africa. Our home is in Logandale, Nevada. We are 9,178 miles from there. We will be serving here for 23 months. My husband is the Branch President. I am the Seminary and Institute teacher and I sub almost weekly in our branch in either Primary or Young Women's and always in music. We have 7 active Melchezidik Priesthood holders, seven young women, and twelve members of Primary.

    These people have nothing. Yet they have everything. They have the gospel of Jesus Christ. I wish I could transport you here for one Sunday and let you sit in a room with these young women. They have such hope. Most of them have been members less than three years. We are working on the Articles of Faith. We have to be so very basic with the members here. We have promised the YM and YW an activity at the end of the month if they work hard on memo...

  • Jan Mills

    Do you have any ideas for Primary teachers
    ready to post for 2014? I love all the ideas and so does my class.

  • Beth  - Primary 2 manual

    I use your site for every lesson I teach and I don't see the manuals for 2014 on here yet. Will they be? I love this site! Thank you for everything you share.

  • Heidi  - Gospel Principles

    Anything for teaching the Gospel Principles class? I don't see it anywhere.

  • Kim Edwards  - Primary Music: Shine On

    I saw that you don't have any tips on teaching the song Shine On in the Children's song book. Here is an idea you can add...
    Bring in 10 flashlights and give them to 10 kids. (they can take turns when you sing it again) Each time in the song they say, "Light", "Glows", or "Shine on" (there are 10) they get to turn on 1 light. The room starts off dark, then each flash light makes it brighter. Bring a head lamp for your pianist. Something fun for the kids of all ages to enjoy!

  • shelly

    I was wondering where I can find the talks that go along with the theme for each month in Primary. They are great and I would love to print them but cannot find them.

  • Melanie

    Here you go Shelly: option=com_content&view=article&id=10785

  • Dana Wood  - Debra Nelson Valiant Newsletter for Lesson 7 & 8

    Thank you so much for your website, I use it for every lesson with my Valiant class.
    And I love Debra's newletters....but I did not see one for Lesson 7 nor for Lesson 8 this year, will there be any? thank you.

  • Nancy Lawson  - Activity Days

    Maybe I'm missing where to look but you used to have ideas for Activity Days. Is there any place I can find some great ideas for these wonderful girls? Thanks!!

  • bh  - emergency primary newsletter

    I LOVE everthing on this website it helps me sooo much in my calling. I use your primary newsletter templates every month, but don't see one for APril and it is bringing anxiety to my soul! LOL!! My favorite newletters are Tricia Lukers. Can you PLEASE post one for April. I have NO idea how to make them on my own and my ward thinks i do ha ha:) :lol:

  • Katie  - Love the site, hate the adds

    I love this site, but I hate the pop up ads. They wreak havoc on my computer. It's to the point that I need to find another solution than coming to this site. I wouldn't mind the adds so much if they were just on the page, but the pop ups are super obnoxious. I don't want the flashing, "Check out this new Obama bailout" or "lose tummy fat" popping up at me. Or, "Your computer is unsafe click here now"-- which are almost definitely always viruses. Love the site. Wish you could keep it clean. Not cool.

  • Anonymous  - re:
    Anonymous wrote:

    Katie, there shouldn't be ANy pop-up ads on my site, let alone political or tummy fat ads. Both are not allowed here. I have contacted my advertising company to make them aware of your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to share this so we can look into it. THANKS!!! - Melanie

  • Cherie  - Thank you! Great site

    thanks so much for your time and effort on this site. it's a one stop wonderful resource. you are blessing lives and being an instrument in His hands!

  • Carrie

    I love the new family home evening packet idea. :) :)

  • Carrie Owens  - Primary Teacher

    Will David Hill still do the book 2 lesson 21 lesson? we are teaching it on the 15th of June.

  • Laurel  - Primary Program 2014

    Hello! Thanks for all the work you put into this website; it's wonderful! Last year about this time, I found a few lists of questions that Primary Presidencies used to ask the Primary children in order to come up with the kids' parts for the Primary Program. I can't find anything like this on here for 2014. Have people submitted anything like this for this year yet? I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and do it myself, or if anyone out there has done the work already!

    Thank you!

  • Amber  - Blending English and Spanish wards

    Hi, This year, we have combined our English and Spanish youth auxiliaries. I am hoping that other wards who combine can share some tips on how to incorporate Spanish in their primary presentation. The children have done everything this year in primary in English. Their parents mostly speak Spanish. We have a few ideas, but would love any suggestions we can get. We have almost 80 children. Thank you!

  • Mary Evans  - Pioneer Trek Devotional Ideas

    Hi there! I am completely dependent on your site and Pinterest for handouts and the like for my lessons.

    I don't see anything up for Trek. Surely some of you creative people have genius ideas for devotionals... Want to share?

  • Heather Anderson - 1st Counslo  - HELP!!! - 2014 Primary Program

    Just wondering if anyone has started writing their primary program. I am not much of a writer and so I am having our Primary teachers help by having them help each child write their part. Any other suggestions. Our program is set for Sunday 9/14/14 :0

  • Janice Williamson

    I don't know how I would ever prepare my Ctr Ptimary lesson without your website and all the fantastic creative ideas from all the wonderful contributors who so selflessly share their talents with those of us lacking in the creative department. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU.


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