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Lesson 1 - Heavenly Father's Plan for Us
Lesson 2 - Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior
Lesson 3 - The Creation
Lesson 4 - The Fall of Adam and Eve
Lesson 5 - Adam and Eve and their Family Offered Sacrifices
Lesson 6 - Adam and Eve Lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Lesson 7 - Enoch and a Zion People
Lesson 8 - Noah and the Flood
Lesson 9 - Jehovah Makes Covenants with Abraham
Lesson 10 - Abraham and Lot
Lesson 11 - Abraham and Isaac
Lesson 12 - Issac and Rebekah
Lesson 13 - Jacob and Esau
Lesson 14 - Jacob and his Family
Lesson 15 - Joseph was sold into Egypt
Lesson 16 - Joseph in Egypt
Lesson 17 - Joseph forgives his brothers
Lesson 18 - The birth and calling of Moses
Lesson 19 - Moses delivers the Israelites from bondage
Lesson 20 - The Israelites Receive Food from Heaven
Lesson 21 - The Ten Commandments
Lesson 22 - Israel and the Brass Serpent
Lesson 23 - Joshua Leads Israel
Lesson 24 - Gideon
Lesson 25 - Samson
Lesson 26 - Ruth and Naomi
Lesson 27 - Samuel, the Boy Prophet
Lesson 28 - David and Goliath
Lesson 29 - David and Jonathan
Lesson 30 - King David and Bathsheba
Lesson 31 - The wisdom of King Solomon
Lesson 32 - Rehoboam
Lesson 33 - Elijah uses the priesthood
Lesson 34 - Elijah and the False Prophets of Baal
Lesson 35 - Naaman is healed
Lesson 36 - The Prophet Isaiah
Lesson 37 - Josiah and Ezra Read the Scriptures to the People
Lesson 38 - Esther saves her people
Lesson 39 - Job
Lesson 40 - Daniel and the King's Food
Lesson 41 - Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego
Lesson 42 - Daniel and the Lion's Den
Lesson 43 - Jonah and the people of Nineveh
Lesson 44 - Malachi teaches about tithing
Lesson 45 - The Gift of the Atonement (Easter)
Lesson 46 - Prophets foretold the birth of Jesus Christ


alt Primary Manual Picture Index and Equivalent Images by Mary Ann Clements
alt Primary Manual Pictures by Leona Strom


alt Old Testament Lessons - Review Game by Drew Jackson
alt Old Testament People Game


Primary 6 Passport Booklet
 Lesson planner for teachers by Melanie Day
alt 2014 Power Point Presentation Publication Schedule


alt 2010 Scripture Reading Assignments for Primary 6 Lessons by Mandy Lunt
alt Invite the Savior in by Nanci Jarman - An idea for creating reverence in the classroom
alt Valiant Scripture Power by Pamela Owens 

Comments (19)
  • Barbara Williams

    Great Helps....I'm new to Primary.
    When is Lesson #44 coming. Time is getting short.

  • Karen Williams

    I am watching for Lesson #44 helps, also. I especially appreciate the Power Point helps. Thank you!

  • Dixie Nordfelt

    I also have been watching for Lesson #44 and also the Christmas lesson. I want to end the year with a bang so I would really appreciate these helps.

  • Ericka Covalt

    I'm almost done! The lesson on Malachi has been tricky because there is no accompanying scripture story about him and very little in articles about his life. I should have it posted today. Ericka

  • Marjean Bigelow

    The link to lesson 46 does not work. I would like to thank Ericka C. for doing her wonderful PowerPoint presentations. I know it takes a time to produce those. Hopefully, she will be able to continue. Thanks so much. :-)

  • Erika Clark

    Really looking for some helps with the Christmas lesson. It won't pull up! Anybody else having trouble with this one??

  • Erica A

    I would love some help for this week, but I cannot get the Christmas lesson (#46) to work. Help, please!

  • LeAnn Arave

    Type in Christmas lesson ideas in search and some come up!

  • Abby
    The link to Lesson 46 is broken I!!!

    Yes, the link IS broken. HELP!!! :cry:

  • Blake

    What did we do before the internet for lessons? I guess we should use personal revelation.

  • Audrey  - Request for Lesson 47 (Priesthood Lesson) Helps

    Our Primary Presidency has scheduled Lesson 47 "The Priesthood Can Bless Our Lives" to be given quite early this year. Any ideas and suggestions for this lesson would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to everyone who continuously contributes and makes this SugarDoodle website such an amazing resource for our lessons! :>D

  • Diane Law

    Ireally enjoy the Valiant 10 newsletters. I try to use them every week when I teach. My problem is that I do not have access to a computer on the weekends. I work on my lessons during lunch and use my work computer, which i have been authorized to do. So if possible if the newsletters could be posted by noon on Friday that would really help me. i appreciate all of the hard work that goes into creating these and I think they are FANTASTIC. My girls really look forward to the handouts each week. It gives them something to do on Sunday afternoon.

  • wlr  - Lesson 47 Helps

    Is there anything posted for Lesson 47.

  • David Hill

    Check Primary 5 Lesson 47. They should be about the same lesson. - dh

  • Becky Hunter  - Adds

    The adds are making it impossible to use the sight.

  • Becky Hunter  - Adds

    The adds are making it impossible to use the sight.

  • Anonymous

    Unable to bring site up!

  • Steven  - News letters

    We find the newsletter of great help and use them almost every week. Thanks to all who create and support this site. :cheer: :D

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