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by Janell Nugent / ga11232009

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Janell writes, "In our Primary this year we decided to give the children advent calendars for Christmas.  The idea came from The Friend December 2008 issue.  We are going to laminate the calendars with this letter on back and then wrap them up in Christmas wrapping paper with 25 stickers inside to stick on their calendar. A present they can use all month long with their families."

Comments (13)
  • Amy

    great idea!

  • Janine

    What a great idea! There is just one small typo, and that is in the line that starts "For those of you who do not access to a Gospel Art Kit you can locate the pictures online at:" I think you meant to have the word 'have' to come after the word 'not'.

  • Nancy

    Lovely idea. What kind of stickers do you suggest?

  • Roberta R Bono

    Thanks. I'll be changing the bottom and giving to my husband's home teaching families; my visiting teaching families; and my primary class!!!

  • Janell Nugent

    Janine, that is so odd that there was a typo in there. So sorry. I must have caught that before we printed ours, but not before I sent it HERE. Open the WORD document and you can edit it to ADD the word "have" before access. Also we just used circle stickers that we found at Wal-mart or any office supply store because we needed over 800 stickers and so this was an inexpensive answer to our sticker problem.

  • Andrea

    This is a fantastic idea. Did you use a particular kind of sticker, or just anything that would cover the scripture?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Andrea

    I love this idea! Did you use a particular sticker or just anything that would fit?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Natasha

    Love this idea.

  • Riki Salerno

    Gonna do it!!! Great idea, thanks so much for sharing. I am going to change the letter, asking the children to color in the scripture as they go because we have such a LARGE primary!

  • Anonymous

    Last year I did this with my family and made it very visable. This year we made it into a primary activity as well. We made a tree cut out and had each child color the large tree at our primary activity. I then took the scriptures from the Friend had out and put them onto an ornament. Each day for 25 days the children are to read the scriptures, write or draw what the scripture is about and hang it on their tree. At the top of the tree I made a star with a picture of Christ in it for the top of the tree. My family had a great time with it and our primary is too.

  • Guest

    The picture of Christ prints out great, but the scriptures are fuzzy--what am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    :cheer: thanks

  • Beth

    Thank you for sharing! We used this as a special handout to our Visiting Teaching sisters. I love having something short and meaningful to read each night!

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