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 What do you do to prepare yourself or your families for General Conference?
 What traditions do you have centered around conference?
 What do you do to make it a special or memorable experience?

If you have any ideas or thoughts you'd like to share, please post a comment below or e-mail them to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

- Jeanine Crane writes, "Something we do every year is get to know the first presidency and 12 apostles.  For several weeks before General Conference we review each man and learn something about him.  This year I wanted to make it a little more interactive so out of the 5 we talked about that night we would do something that one of them liked to do.  So the first week we made banana bread together... because Pres. Eyring likes to bake with his family.  The next week we watercolored because Elder Scott likes to paint.  And this week we went outside to play football since Elders Holland and Cook played (and Elder Bednar met his wife playing flag football).  I think it made it a little more memorable for my boys.  I am going to be posting this idea on my blog soon and I'll try to word it more clearly!"

- Rebecca Whitmer writes, "My FAVORITE thing to do is to invite another family/couple over and have a pot luck lunch between sessions.  We DVR the whole thing so we can use for FHE through the year, so if we are a little late getting back, it is ok.  It is nice to be able to pause for a crying baby or emergency break as well.  We like pjs and simple snacks sometimes too.  I do let the kids drift in an out at will, but when the prophet speaks, EVERYONE is front and center to hear him together. Interestingly, our kids rarely leave the room.  It is nice to have a casual Sunday."

- Annalee Gilbert writes, "When I was little and living in Idaho/Utah, we knew conference was near when my mom stocked up on Embroidery Threads, Iron on designs, Tea towels and Yarn. That is how my sisters and I learned to do needlework. Now I use it to change batteries in my smoke detectors, rotate our 72 hour kits from winter to summer (or in October Summer to winter) and update any information we might need. We have to go to our meeting house for conference."

- Jeanette Kirkham writes, "We do "conference candy" I put out a candy dish and each session my husband and I pick a word and when you hear the word you can help yourself to a piece of candy (got the idea a few years ago in the Ensign and it works GREAT!!")   

- Preparing for General Conference by Bethany Jensen

- Stefani Goodwin writes, " We come from a very small branch in Texas where our boundaries spread over 5 counties.  Almost everyone came to church to watch conference, so between sessions we always had a pot luck lunch. We loved that and missed getting together with friends and discussing some of our conference highlights.  So now we pick 5 or 6 families and host a put luck at our house during the break between conference sessions. We always try to invite a family we might not know so well so that we can get to know them better."

- Jennifer Bunker writes, "I heard of a really neat tradition someone had. In their family they talk about King Benjamin's address and how everyone came and put up their tents up and listened to his message. Then the parents set up a tent in front of the tv with a mattress inside it and they have fun yummy treats and listened listen carefully to conference. Their kids are always asking when conference is so they can do it again. I thought that would make conference more memorable and what a great tradition and fun family time together."

- Sondra Murray writes, "My niece makes it really special for her can read about it here."

- Kristy Nelson writes, "When the kids were little, we put together puzzles during conference. The last few years it's been conference bingo. This year, they're old enough to cowboy up. But, I loved the conference packets for children that was posted earlier this month."

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