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These pages may or may not be from my site.  This will be a place I re-post popular pages, video clips I like from You Tube or a fun and interesting check back often.  I will change them...randomly (of course!)

 Chalkboard Lunch Tote - Fun idea!

 Ray of Sunshine Craft - the objective is to get people to serve each other with the talents they have been given.

 Make Ahead Lunches

 Youth Temple Recommend Holders - fun.

 Homemade Play Tent

 Behavior Chart Idea

 Lunch Box Printables [here] and [here]

 Lunch Note Jokes [here] and [here]

 Pencil and crayon cake

 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

*** Do you have a fun or favorite page you think others will enjoy??  I am not looking to turn this into an ad section for businesses and such.  Please just share pages you've bookmarked and enjoyed and you think others would like too.  It can be educational, silly, helpful or fun!  Click here to e-mail me.

I started my Random 10 page in February 2007, but didn't keep track of what I featured until April of 2008.  Hopefully you will enjoy looking through this archive of past pages:

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    What great sites! Thank you so much for including mine. I hope your visitors find it helpful.

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    how exciting to be included in your list! especially on a site where i "receive" so much (primary help)! thank you!

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    WOW! You put both of my blogs up there! I am flattered! I will have to tell the others gals that you highlighted our dating one! :) Thanks for the feature on your facebook page as well. The comments the gals left you were SO sweet! We LOVE your website as well! Seriously, I can't tell you enough how much your Young Women section has helped out my lessons! Thanks, girly!

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    I have a Primary/FHE game idea on my blog:

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    I get so many great ideas from yours!

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