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Mother’s Day “Hugs & Kisses” Primary Gift for Moms!

Looking for a cute but simple gift to have your Primary children give their moms?  Try our Mother’s Day “Hugs and Kisses” instant download kit.  I recently did this with 8 Cub Scouts and they loved it. We also made a Grandma version because Grandmas need to be celebrated too!


You can purchase this Mother’s Day instant download kit in our Etsy shop HERE:

Or you can purchase our Mother’s Day “ROYAL TREATMENT” Lesson and Coupons HERE:

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Happy Mother’s Day! xo April

CHOICES by President Thomas S. Monson

My favorite Conference talk was by President Monson. Though it was short, only 499 words, it said it all…

“As we contemplate the decisions we make in our lives each day – whether to make this choice or that choice – if we choose CHRIST, we will have made the correct choice.”  

The word “choose” was repeated five times – maybe as a gentle reminder from a loving prophet to help us be more conscientious of doing what is right.

I love making beautiful reminders of the lessons I loved most and needed to hear the most from Conference.   A simple CTR sign and my favorite lines from President Monson’s talk have found a new little nesting spot on my office desk.


You can download the FREE print here: [jpg] [pdf]
If you want some other reminders to help you or your family Choose The Right, you can find a host of CTR rings and things in the Sugardoodle Shop.


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xo, April



Melanie and I, and all of our Sugardoodle team feel so LUCKY to be sharing so many wonderful things with you. We love GIVING to you and we love GETTING feedback from you… This week Amanda wrote us and shared this…

“Thank you for your Sharing Time kits.  They help take the stress out of teaching! I have been able to read the lessons and then use your kits to do the visual work for me. I love your incredible visuals and how they help guide me in my spiritual preparation and teaching. Thanks again for all you do, Amanda”

Thanks Amanda for sharing with us.  Here is a little SHARE BACK to everyone. “Our “LUCKY CHARMS” Big Lucky Sale starts today!  28 CHARMS are 50% off now through March 26th!  To receive discount, type in LUCKYCHARM at checkout!


xo, April


Looking for fun ways for your family to honor the Sabbath? Try our Scripture Gumball Challenge. It’s fun and super easy.

In advance, grab some gumballs and a clear container. On Sunday, invite your family to join you for the Scripture Gumball Challenge. Go to Sugardoodle’s Book of Mormon online resource, you can find it on the homepage of Sugardoodle OR link here…


Once on the site, choose “People” from the side menu bar. Scroll down through the list of people and take turns having family members choose a person to share facts about.  For every two people that your family can give facts on, put a gumball in your container.

Start out with people all of you recognize, then progress onto people who you don’t know as well.  The more you learn about the unfamiliar people in the Book of Mormon the more challenging it becomes. You can check to see if your facts are correct by simply clicking on and then reading about each person.   When you have 30 GUMBALLS you get to have a fun family activity!

Remember…Studying the scriptures together can be a BALL!




Fun Family History Activity for Young Men & Young Women Joint Activity or for F.H.E.

(CLICK HERE to download a copy of this file)

The Church is really focusing member’s attention on Family History, and Sugardoodle is here to HELP!

A few months ago Melanie and I were invited to be part of the 2016 Rootstech Family Discovery Day. Our task was to come up with a super fun activity that the youth would love AND that would create some excitement about searching for the deceased.  We came up with a “Find-A-Grave” hunt.  The hunt was so successful that we had lots of youth leaders and stake family history experts stop and ask us for our handout so they could take the activity back to their youth groups, wards and families.

We decided to post the activity and worksheet here on our blog along with a few pointers on how you can do a similar activity.


Give everyone who will be participating the Find-A-Grave hunt a worksheet.  Explain that this is a timed activity. They will need to go onto and search for each name on their worksheet.  They then record the date they died, what invention they created and one simple fact {for instance where they were buried}. Whoever finishes first is the winner.


~ You can do this as teams, sharing cell phones at your ward building or home.

~You can do this as a scavenger hunt where you divide the youth into groups and as a team they drive with a leader to a designated house in the ward. There they hunt online for 3 of the graves. They then drive to another designated house and search for the other 3 graves. First team back to the chapel wins! *This is fun to include other families in your ward in the hunt when you use their computers. It’s a great way to get you ward family involved.

We would love to hear what fun things you have done to foster a love for Family History in your ward and family so we can post them on our blog.  Please email us at

xo, April