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Free ‘The Living Christ’ Journal Printable Packets from Prickly Pear Design Co.

Hi friends! With Spring coming in full swing and Easter drawing near, I’m so excited to share with you a meaningful and different way to focus on the Savior through a self-guided study of The Living Christ. I love this inspired document and know that a careful study of it, and the apostles and prophets who testify of Him, can help each of us grow closer to our Savior.


This journal packet would make the perfect pre-Easter gift for your Young Women group, those you visit teach, or make a great Personal Progress goal for Young Women, or anyone for that matter, anytime of year.

PricklyPearDesignCo Living Christ Printables 1

The packet includes 8 pages of journaling prompts based on The Living Christ, 4 art prints focused on the Savior, and additional blank note pages to jot down your thoughts if you’re needing extra space. While I designed the journal packet and art prints, I found so many additional resources that enriched my study. I’ve included an additional page at the end of the journal printables file that includes a few of my favorite conference talks and video clips along with links to find them and a copy of The Living Christ online.

PricklyPearDesignCo Living Christ Printables 2

Each file includes 2 prints, each 5×7 in size, on a page. Simply print each PDF, along with a copy of The Living Christ, and you’ll have one complete journal packet with 4 extra art prints to share with friends.

PricklyPearDesignCo Living Christ Journal Pages

Or, print an extra set of journal pages, cut, punch and attach a binder ring and you have an extra journal packet to share with a friend. If you want to add a bit of spring flare, tie a few ribbons on the binder ring and include a pen to make it the perfect gift.

PricklyPearDesignCo Living Christ Study Book Open

Find Marissa’s beautiful FREE printables by following the links below:

5×7 Journal Cover Art Prints (4 designs)

5×7 Journal Pages with Prompts (8 prompts, study materials page and blank pages)

Bonus: Marissa has also created free 8×10 versions of these fabulous pieces (perfect for home printing or sending to your local copy shop). You can find them on her site by following this link.


Marissa is a momma by day and brander/graphic designer for small businesses by night…and nap time. This sunshine-loving Arizona girl finds herself calling Idaho home and loves being outside with her husband and 2 little ones as we explore the great outdoors and rack up steps on the Fitbit walking the neighborhood. You can find  some of her favorite things – chatting branding and design for bloggers and small businesses, and a bunch of free printables for Young Women, home, and more at www.pricklypeardesignco.com

I am a Daughter of my Heavenly Father

I am a daughter of my heavenly father quoteSometimes it’s easy to recite the yw theme in a group at church  without fully thinking about or understanding the  connection we each have personally with our Heavenly Father. I am a Daughter of my Heavenly Father and now even at 55 years old, I find peace in knowing that he knows me personally with all of my imperfections, my struggles, my joys. He knows my heart and He loves me… just as He loves each one of you. This is a quote I made to remind me that I am His daughter. You can find it here.

Take care, Brenda

Free ‘Press Forward’ iPhone Wallpaper & Printable

I have three phone-obsessed teenagers so I’m always on the lookout for ways to use their tech to reinforce gospel messages. When I started designing pieces for my 2016 Press Forward line I knew it needed to include some cool phone wallpapers to please my tech-loving kids. After all, what better way to remind them to use their tech wisely than to have this beautiful scripture light up their lock screen every time they grab their phones?

MeckMom Press Forward iPhone Mockup Pic 1-01This phone wallpaper version was the perfect choice for my 14 year-old son (who can’t seem to hold on to a lesson handout for more than 12 seconds). However, my beehive and laurel-age daughter’s still love paper handouts so I made a printed version for them to hang in their rooms as well.

MM Press Forward iPhone Printed Pic 750x750-01You can find both the iPhone screen saver and the 5×7 print below. Mom Tip: the 5×7 print also works well as a computer screen-saver and iPad lock screen so you should grab both files while you’re here. Might as well plaster all their devices with scriptures, right? 😉

Feel free to save them to your phones, print them at Costco or simply text them to all the device-addicted teenagers in your life. Enjoy!

Link to FREE Press Forward iPhone Wallpaper

Link to FREE 5×7 Press Forward Printable

MeckMom Headshot 550x420-01This guest post was submitted by Maria Eckersley. Maria is a stay-at-home mom of six by day and a sleep-deprived graphic designer by night. You can find more of her ideas and printables on her new site MeckMom.com.